Our Promise


We promise our clients and their families a deeply personalized risk assessment and individualized health plan for optimizing vitality and preventing disease, as well as precise, sensitive therapies for any illness they may be suffering – no matter how intractable it may appear.

We promise to track our results with the best of scientific measurement, to illuminate individuals’ progress, to test the efficacy of our method, and to deepen our insight. We invite critical feedback from patient and scientific communities.

More specifically,

We will use the best that modern clinical and molecular medicine has to offer and will continually search for new treatments, tools, and models.

We will rigorously test our assumptions and measure results/outcomes, continuously inquire, innovate and evolve, growing our base of senior advisors, research and institutional partners.

We will listen and partner with each client, ensuring that they are fully informed of their options, tasks, and progress.

We will use at least 20% of our profits to serve clients who cannot afford our services, both in the US and abroad.

Patient Testimonials

“A beautiful office environment that put me immediately at ease—caring and compassionate practitioners all focused on me, each from their different perspectives. The sense of calm was amazing.”

Anatara Medicine

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