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Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz

Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz and Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn

Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz discussing stem cell technologies with UCSF Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, Nobel Prize winner in 2009 in Physiology or Medicine, for her discovery of telomerase, the enzyme that makes telomere DNA. This discovery helped explain how cells age; the solution was found in the ends of the chromosomes,­ the telomeres ­and the enzyme that forms them – telomerase. Elizabeth Blackburn and Jack Szostak discovered that a unique DNA sequence in the telomeres protects the chromosomes from degradation.

“As a former senior faculty member at UCSF and The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, I have witnessed great strides in chronic disease management. Yet, many gaps still exist and it is our goal to gain much needed clinical experience with regenerative medicine. The combination of clinical research coupled with basic science research will lead to a greater knowledge base for our current generation of patients needing solutions that go beyond the scope of current therapies.” – Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz


Dr. Herskowitz’s extensive training includes a medical degree from The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, residencies in Anatomic Pathology and Internal Medicine, and Fellowship training in Cardiology at The Johns Hopkins Medical Center. During his 12 years at Johns Hopkins, he became Associate Professor of Medicine and Immunology and Molecular Microbiology and led a research team in the study of molecular and immunological mechanisms of inflammation, autoimmunity, ischemia, heart transplantation rejection and congestive heart failure.

Over the past 15 years, he helped establish and lead innovative health care non-profit research and development organizations that have domestic and worldwide social impact. He was head of a 75-person research team at the Ischemia Research and Education Foundation, working with over 100 leading heart surgery hospitals around the world, reducing adverse outcomes during and after heart surgery. Since 1999, he has been Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California at San Francisco, and Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Institute for OneWorld Health, the first non-profit pharmaceutical company in the United States. He is President- Elect of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), one of the oldest Integrative Medicine societies in the US; Chairman of the Board of Directors for iRND3, (www.irnd3.org) an organization that discovers new medicines for rare and neglected diseases, and serves on the Board for PVRI, Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute.

In 2010, he formed Anatara Medicine, based in San Francisco, a world-class integrative medicine team approach towards prevention and treatment of vascular, immunologic and difficult chronic diseases. He is also Founder of the San Francisco Stem Cell Treatment Center. With his 37 years of experience in Medicine, Pathology and Immunology, Dr. Herskowitz is one of most senior academic, anti-aging and regenerative medicine doctors in the U.S.

Areas of Expertise
Preventive Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Anti-Aging Medicine

Cardiovascular Disease

  • Cardiomyopathy & Heart Failure
  • Stroke
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
Pulmonary Disorders
  • Persistent Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
Metabolic Syndrome
Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussions
Macular Degeneration
Cancer Care Support
Immune System Optimization
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • Mold Illness
Drug Allergies
Viral Disorders
  • Shingles
  • Bell’s Palsy
GI Disorders
  • Hepatitis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Pain Syndromes
Health Advocacy
Message from Our Founder

Taking full appreciation of advances in Regenerative Medicine requires a strategy. One that delves into a comprehensive view of the principles behind how our cells heal, how our cells communicate with one another, and what health parameters matter the most.

Our integrative approach towards Regenerative Medicine has evolved over the past five years and we feel we are leaders in the field of optimization, localization, and activation of stem cells and other Regenerative Medicine approaches. Our strategy is designed from the outset to provide better Regenerative healthcare while advancing overall knowledge. We ask how best to assess each patient, how best to treat and optimize each patient, how best to predict outcomes, and how best to prevent adverse outcomes. Our approach is interdisciplinary, and includes patients and their families as active participants.


Presentation at SOPMED June 2016

Oxidative and Energy Medicine – The Emerging World of System Biology

Presentation to Silicon Valley Health Institute 8-20-2015

Integrative Oncology

Presentation to Silicon Valley Health Institute 6-19-2014

Chapter 1: Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz, Founder’s Journey

Chapter 2: Integrative Medicine / Convergence Medicine

Chapter 3: Individual Constitution / Real Personalized Medicine

Chapter 4: Immunomodulation / Lifestyle Changes / Stem Cells

ISCO3 Diploma

Madrid, 04/03/2016


Dear Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz

Whereas, you have made significant contributions in ozone science, particularly in the field of Immunology and you have authored/co-authored peer-reviewed articles in ozone science and related technologies. The ISCO3 members are proud to release the honorary diploma: ad hock External Expert of the ISCO3 for the period 2015-2020.

We hope to count with your expert leader opinion to contribute to improve the efforts of the ISCO3 members to diffuse the practice of ozone therapy based on the Good Clinical Practice and the global Guide line “Madrid Declaration in Ozone Therapy”.

Dr. Vellio Bocci
Honorary President, ISCO3

Dr. Gregorio Martínez Sánchez
Elected President ISCO3 2015-2020

Dr. Fadi Sabbah
Elected Vice-President ISCO3 2015-2020

Dra. Adriana Schwartz
Elected Secretary ISCO3 2015-2020



Dr. Ann Lee attended medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and completed residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Loma Linda University Medical Center in southern California, where she did research and published papers in traumatic brain injury. Afterward, she accepted an academic position with Stanford Medical Center and was Attending of the Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Unit at VA Palo Alto Health Care System where she cared for combat soldiers who suffered from blast injuries due to improvised explosive devices. Over the years, her practice focus has expanded from neurotrauma to include treatment of neuromuscular pain and chronic inflammatory disorders.

Despite her academic achievements, the more she learned about medicine as practiced in the conventional setting, the more she came to know of it’s limitations. Although she was fortunate to have helped many of her patients, she struggled with prescribing yet another opioid or performing injection after injection with limited results. Why do some patients improve while others wane? How are healthy people suddenly disabled from a seemingly innocuous injury?

Her great challenge came when her son fell ill and was put on antibiotics from which he developed severe side effects. After doing her own personal research into the microbiome, she was able to correct his condition, as well as several other maladies suffered by various members of her family. These ailments included high blood pressure, kidney stones, back pain, insomnia, headaches, acne, etc. She didn’t realize how sick she was herself until she started getting better!

Since beginning her journey into functional medicine, she has had the privilege of shadowing the clinics of leading functional medicine practitioners including Dr. Bill Barley M.D., Dr. Raj Patel M.D., and Chris Kresser, Lac.

Dr. Lee is excited and confident that health restoration is possible through a functional medicine approach, where the root causes of illnesses are addressed.

Honors and Academic Associations
Dr. Lee has recently received the Distinguished Doctor Designation© from the Expert Network which is only conferred upon the Top 3% of physicians in the U.S.

• American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Member
• Institute for Functional Medicine Member
• Kresser Institute for Functional & Evolutionary Medicine Graduate
• America’s Top Physicians Certification 2017
• Distinguished Doctor Designation©

Christina McGold
CHRISTINA McGOLD Nutrition, Massage & Meditation

Christina has been practicing yoga and meditation since the age of 8. She was raised by an acupuncturist who exposed her to Chinese herbs and whole foods, along with an emphasis on positive thinking and using the power of intention to create the life she has always wanted. She is most alive and excited while inspiring others to take control of their own health. She believes that small adjustments to diet and lifestyle, and self-care changes result in dramatic, long-term health improvements. Christina believes we can overcome family genetics and prevent the consequences of self neglect, which often leads to chronic disease. She is a Medical Massage Therapist, Health Sciences Teacher, Whole Foods Chef, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and life-long fearless world traveler. She started her business Gayatri Institute in 1994.

“I am honored and excited to work with Dr. Herskowitz and the Anatara staff. It is a life-long dream of mine to work with physicians and alternative medical practitioners as an integrated team and approach each client from different perspectives, and design highly individualized programs. Bridging the gap between mainstream and holistic health is the way of Future of Medicine. Everyone would benefit from this approach to a life-long, progressive approach towards personal health. I am so excited to be a part of this powerful new way of practicing modern medicine.”

Patient Testimonial

“Dear Christina – You have gone above and beyond in your care for me. I am so thankful for all you have done. God has given you important skills, and you use those skills to help others. Thank you again!”
– Jen

“Christina is very good, she received her training and knowledge in Canada, and her protocols and understanding of anatomy and lymphatic tissue is remarkable. She knows how to stimulate and move the fluids, and her experience speaks volumes. I highly recommend her, and thank her, she has helped me, where others were unable. Whenever I am at Anatara, I always request her therapy.”
Dr. Irina Barkan, M.D., Ph.D.

ANGELA LEE L.Ac Acupuncture

Angela is a Licensed Acupuncturist for the state of California. She received her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from Samra University, as well as her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara. Angela has a successful and longstanding practice, and has been providing acupuncture and health services in her office downtown since 1995. She is a 5th Level Instructor in South Shaolin Qi Gong, and has been practicing for over 25 years – she teaches at both UCSF and Kaiser. Her love for Qi Gong inspired her to understand the foundations of Chinese Medicine.

In her practice, Angela supplements her Chinese medicine studies with Orthopedic Acupuncture training from the American College of Orthopedic Acupuncture. She travelled to Beijing China to study at the Beijing Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Angela also studied under Dr. Richard Tan, OMD for 17 years in Qi Balancing Methods taught using the Mirror Image Method Acupuncture.

Angela treats an number of health issues such as neuropathy, pain, gastro intestinal disease, insomnia, chemo support, and emotional stress. She joins the team at Anatara Medicine to share her experience in Chinese Medicine.

Away from her private practice and teaching, Angela enjoys horseback riding, martial arts, playing the ukulele, and being with her family, which includes 5 humans, 2 dogs, 4 cats, and one horse.

“It was AMAZING! I have seen acupuncturists for 10 years and she is very good, very intuitive, and very sensitive to patients!” -MW

Learn more about Angela in this article:
Saving Southern Shaolin: Preserving the Ancient Art of Qigong

MARISOL KIM, CNC Certified Nutrition Consultant

Marisol Kim is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Applied Kinesiology Practitioner, and Nutrition Educator. She received her training and certification from Bauman College in Berkeley. She first witnessed the power of natural medicine at a very early age, when her grandfather healed her chronic digestive pain through acupuncture and natural medicine. Years later, as an adult, she began to suffer from ulcers, food sensitivities, allergies, and chronic digestion problems. Western medicine did not help her get to the root of the problem, so she turned to holistic nutrition with amazing and lasting success. This led to her life-long love affair with the healing power of food and natural medicine.

Marisol is passionate about food and natural medicine. She is continually staying up-to-date on her knowledge and researching the latest information on health, nutrition and the psychology of eating. Her mission is to nourish lives through sharing her nutritional knowledge and experience with her community. She offers private sessions as well as educational workshops.

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