Cancer Care Support


At Anatara Medicine we offer a comprehensive, individualized approach to cancer care support based on your needs and desires. As recognized leaders in disease prevention, detoxification, and optimizing cellular health, we continue to pioneer new approaches to cancer prevention and supportive care.

Our cancer care support treatments are part of a holistic approach and not intended to replace or interfere with allopathic medicine approaches.

We focus on supporting your whole body, with cutting edge:

  • laboratory testing, including tumor specific genetic studies and circulating tumor cell markers*
  • insulin-potentiation low dose chemotherapy (IPT)
  • micronutrient analysis
  • nutritional analysis, guidance and coaching
  • full-service intravenous (IV) therapies, such as high-dose Vitamin C and oxidation therapy
  • ozone sauna therapy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field ( PEMF)
  • autonomic rebalancing
  • detoxification
  • botanical medicine
  • craniosacral, lymphatic massage, Reike therapy
  • Chinese Medicine

*Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz is an ordering physician with RGCC Group and Ivy Gene Labs.

*Dr. Herskowitz is Vice President of the Institute for Integrative and Functional Oncology, attends the International Integrative Oncology Conference, and through their other organization, received his IPT training. The Best Answer for Cancer

Our primary role is to provide adjunctive supportive treatment that is patient centered and targeted. Anatara welcomes patients who wish support for conventional therapy, as well as those who cannot tolerate conventional approaches or have already tried those approaches and want additional care.

A diagnosis of cancer can turn your world upside down, and it can be difficult to know what steps to take next. At your initial visit to Anatara, we will provide a system-wide comprehensive consultation, discuss personalized supportive treatment options tailored to your specific physiology, as well as strategies to track progress and prognosis.

Please contact our office today for a complimentary telephone consultation to speak with one of our practitioners to find out how we can tailor your treatment plan!

We recommend this book to both our patients and potential patients:
The Kinder, Gentler Cancer Treatment: Insulin Pontentiation Targeted LowDose™ Therapy

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Patient Testimonials

“Christina has been an invaluable part of my treatment here at Anatara Medicine. Her massage skills and, for me in particular, her excellent knowledge of the lymphatic system which plays such a major part in healing and ongoing health has, I know, had a positive impact on my overall treatment plan. She is personable, warm, caring, very knowledgeable and shares what she has learned through years of practice helping each patient at time of treatment as well as moving forward to improved health.

With deepest appreciation, thank you Christina.”
Lynne McNeill

More Patient Testimonials

“Here I sit getting an IV therapy in San Francisco; it is odd because I live in Florida and the suburbs of Chicago. I have had evaluations, examinations, opinions and IV therapies at many locations.
One of the doctors had suggested I seek treatment at Anatara Medicine because my treatments have been a little of this… And a little of that… from many practitioners of all different sorts.

I feel as if I have had an “ah ha” moment!

Finally, I am in a comprehensive place that does it all – altogether. Interestingly, it has been a great confirmation that I have been traveling a good path of healing and I will continue to do better.

I know I have a source – ONE source – that can oversee the total care of me, instead of piece by piece care. It is all here at Anatara, caring, loving staff, taking care of the WHOLE person.

Thank you Anatara Medicine.”

Sue S.

“I am very pleased with the results of the IV therapy. I haven’t felt this normal for a really long time. It’s truly amazing! I’d forgotten that I had been feeling crummy. I had my first night of good sleep in a while, thank you Anatara, and tell everyone thank you!”

“Upon our arrival at Anatara Medicine, my husband and I knew we were at the right place for me to receive cancer treatment. The team was professional, compassionate and respectful in all ways to my requirements medically and our needs personally.

“What a difference the right kind of healthcare makes. When I was first diagnosed with lymphoma at the end of 2013 I started in the mainstream medical establishment. When I went to see my oncologists I felt as if they wanted to decide things for me and often in a way that was quite unpleasant and even scary. I began to look for options better suited to my needs and after two years of searching I found Anatara.

“Individualized patient treatment plan, friendly doctor and staff, treatment I can trust to help me and not hurt me.”

50-something partners with chronic fatigue & cancer
“Thank you so much for taking the time to see both of us today; we truly feel taken care of. We appreciate every recommendation and suggestion that you have provided us.

Both of us truly believe in your work and the effectiveness of it in our lives. We are most happy that we found you.”

Anatara Medicine

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