Forest Therapy Experience

Forest Therapy Experience

On Saturday, May 19th, the Anatara team and a few of our patients enjoyed our inaugural Group Forest Therapy Experience. The journey was less about the walking and more about healing, fun, and connection. Together we explored our senses and experienced the forest, ourselves – practicing mindfulness, and each other in a very relaxed and peaceful way.

Over the course of our journey in Presidio Park we were gifted with gorgeous views of the Bay with Angel and Alcatraz Islands while we immersed ourselves in the Redwood forest and experienced the abundant bird and floral life in an area where a spring flows through.

These types of walks have been studied for their benefits on reducing cortisol levels, boosting immune function and cancer-fighting cells and increasing mental clarity as well as our happiness quotient. It was also simply a fun way to connect with each other as we grow our amazing Team.

The walk helped us see each other in new ways, communicate more effectively and simply have fun. All emotions were welcome on the excursions as we bathed ourselves in the essence of the forest. We concluded our journey by literally drinking in the forest around us with a tea ceremony that included plants collected nearby.

A Message from our guide, Gregg Berman – RN, Forest Therapy Guide, EFT Practitioner:

I truly believe we are doing good work in the world at Anatara. My guess is that other than simply needing a paycheck, we are all working here because we believe in the concepts of Integrative medicine and the holistic idea and ideal that every part of how we live our lives effects every other part.

We have been making lots of changes in the office in an effort to smooth our workflow, create less stress and make a more loving and FUNctional environment both for ourselves and most certainly our patients.

When we all work as a Team we can get there. That means not only taking care of the logistical things where we reduce ourselves to seeing what we do as s bunch of tasks to get done. How do we also take care of ourselves and each other in an Integrative way in a manner we desire for our patients.

Certainly, that involves taking care of our emotional and energetic bodies as well. I believe coming together in nature in a mindful, playful and heart opening way can be one small step to supporting that vision. Again I invite anyone else who feels so called to share their thoughts. I’m excited to be able to share with each other.

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