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Anatara Medicine is one of the first genomic medicine institutes.

Anatara takes a rigorous approach to individual health, using evidence-based medicine and advanced analytics often only available in research labs. We track these cutting-edge practices and coordinate client care with an advisory board of top practitioners in their fields. Please see Our Advisors.

Anatara Medicine recognizes the importance of genetics, epigenetics and proteomics – genomic health – in understanding each person’s biochemical and physiologic make-up. In fact, Anatara Medicine is one of the first genomic medicine institutes, taking a leadership role in personalized genomic medicine as a part of our Convergence Medicine practice. Panels of genetic testing based on individual history will be recommended, yet, individual gene data represents only a small piece of the puzzle. Genes interacting with each other and with the environment leading to modifications (epigenetics); and many proteins are subjected to a wide variety of chemical modifications after translation (a measure of proteomics).

By evaluating molecular markers in light of each individual’s archetypal profile, Anatara may better assess risk for chronic diseases, physiological response to natural or pharmaceutical therapies, and general response to environmental triggers and lifestyles that would otherwise be much more difficult to assess. From there, we can create individual health plans – including a personalized genomic medicine plan – and monitor them precisely.

Patient Testimonials

70-something with Cardiovascular Disease
“Dr. Herskowitz is a brilliant healer, who as a doctor is an artist. I have known him, been his patient, for over 25 years. When I required quadruple bypass surgery in my late 40s, and all my bypass grafts clotted and occluded within six months, he invited me to change my understanding of health, and has guided me ever since. He is a man of deep integrity and wide-ranging creativity. His dedication to healing has led him to explore every possible avenue both Eastern and Western medicine offer and to understand the value of the ways of each. The Anatara Group will be a new standard in medicine.”

Anatara Medicine

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