Frequently Asked Questions


Are your fees covered by insurance?

Anatara does not accept insurance payments, but will work closely with our clients to ensure proper reimbursement for all applicable services. Please see our Payment Policy for more information.


Will I see the same practitioners during my repeat visits to Anatara?

Yes. Our team of practitioners will have first met you during the initial intake process. One practitioner is then chosen to be your main point of contact. You will then continue to meet the same practitioners and doctors during subsequent visits.


What is the end product of the 1 or 2-day intake assessment?

After one or two days at Anatara, we synthesize our examinations and analytics into your personal health map. The map may be available within 3-4 weeks, depending on the testing we recommend for each individual, plus what you may be able to do ahead of time.


What happens if the best approach to my condition requires additional consultation from someone outside the group?

Our treatments are highly individualized. We have a network of outstanding providers — a base of experts that we routinely collaborate with for patient requirements.

On a case-by-case basis we may recommend going out of our network to identify and collaborate with other experts as well.


How does your group interact with primary health care providers?

Anatara acts as a central point for your integrative care and acts as a robust extension of your primary care or, after you’ve achieved basic wellness, you can join our Vital and Well program and we can become your primary care provider.

We will also establish and/or maintain a relationship with other care providers to ensure that coordination of individual treatment does not stop at the doors of Anatara.


What happens if I require hospitalization?

Anatara can help with the hospital admit process in the event that you have an emergency or need a procedure. Our physicians on staff can arrange for highly personalized care within our referral network.


Will I stay on my current medications?

Possibly, but over time, depending on your condition, the goal may be to wean you off medications, particularly those with adverse side effects, in order to let your body fully recover and regain its ability to regulate processes that may have been suppressed with medication use.


Do you treat children?

We are adult-focused doctors and practitioners and will see clients above the age of 16, but will assess younger adolescents and children on a case-by-case basis.


How do I arrange to visit the center from out-of-town?

We have full-time coordinators dedicated to creating the perfect atmosphere for your stay. We have partnered with local hotels that are sensitive to the needs of Anatara patients and can provide a comfortable base for your treatment. We also have established relationships with yoga centers, spas, tour companies, and other activity centers to ensure that laughter, relaxation and enjoyment are integral parts of your experience.


What languages are spoken in the Anatara Group center?

Our primary language is English and some staff are fluent in Spanish and Mandarin. We will access foreign translators on a case-by-case basis, as long as clients are able to bring at least one person who speaks English.


What if I am too ill to visit the center? Can the Anatara Group come to see me?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

Patient Testimonials

“All my life I have been very active in all sports from moderate to what might be considered extreme. I came to Anatara with spinal stenosis, in a great deal of lower back pain and was very depressed. My ability to do simple, physical things was severely compromised.

I knew the moment that I walked through the doors of Anatara clinic that I found what I had been looking for! I met with Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz, after he reviewed my medical, family and genetic history, he carefully examined me and recommended Ozone treatments.

My pain and depression disappeared by 90% after only a few treatments – there was no pain, no drugs, no surgery, and no bad side effects! Just ozone delivered by “state of the art” multi-pass ozone therapy.”

Anatara Medicine

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