Toxic Mold


At Anatara Medicine, we understand that mold and biotoxin exposures can create inflammatory responses that lead to chronic and debilitating states that can be grouped into diagnoses with very similar symptoms such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and many others. The symptoms are often misdiagnosed and even discharged as psychosomatic.

Our Team of practitioners has the experience and tools to properly diagnosis you, as well as the therapies to target your conditions.

Some of the tests that we perform at our clinic:

Mold specific blood testing

  • HLA DR genetic testing
  • MSH, MMP-9, TgF-B
  • C3A and C4a

VCS testing
MARCoNs nasal swab
Hormone testing for adrenal and sex hormones
Blood work for thyroid function, vitamin levels
Testing for detoxification pathways, micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids
ELISA/ACT food reactivity testing
Stool and SIBO testing
Lyme testing when indicated

We know that mold and biotoxin exposures are not easily fixed in one appointment nor one treatment. Biotoxin-related symptoms are often treated with:

Cholestyramine (binders)
Antibiotics/Argentyn 23 if MARCONS positive
Intravenous (IV) Therapies
Oxidation/Ozone Therapies
Supplements geared toward a healthy gut and immune modulation
Nutrition (and consideration of ELISA/ACT test)

We tailor our treatment plans based on each individual’s health, life-style, and test results – We review with you, and meet with you throughout your treatment to ensure we are on the right track for what is best for you. Patients often need changes in their lifestyle, environment, and may require prolonged, intensive IV therapies.

Patient Testimonials

“State of the art, non-toxic protocols. Knowledgeable, progressive, fully integrative, results oriented, individual health planning and caring.”

Anatara Medicine

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